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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Dear Tony

I saw this cool site in a blog ad. There should be one for Prime Minister Howard of Australia too, but I haven't found one yet. However, with his recent easy victory, I don't think he quite needs the show of support that Mr. Blair needs. I decided to go ahead and write him a note, especially after watching Saturday Night Live, which had a sketch of a rather beleagured (and surprisingly subservient) Tony Blair shilling for Dubya. He has publicly stated that he has been feeling a little beaten up by his own citizens due to a bunch of mean-spirited letters. I think no good deed should go unpunished, and so I sent him a letter of my own:

I am proud to be aligned with such a stalwart ally, and I dearly hope that Mr. Blair realizes that quite a large number of Americans do not buy into the "coerced and bribed" baloney. We know that when it was time to take a stand for civilization, at a time when there was no room for equivocation, when the forces that value life must decide to fight for it, Mr. Blair (and Mr. Howard of Australia must be included as well) heeded the call for liberty. Our safety can only be guaranteed when those who would destroy lose their life, their ability to destroy us, their desire to do so, or all three. That will happen when freedom spreads from the borders of our nations to encompass all the world. Thank you Mr. Blair, from a grateful American.

Paul R. Bixby, Jr.
Rolling Meadows, Illinois, USA