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Catastrophic Success

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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Regarding Egg on my face

As I said in response to Bill Whittle's post of chagrin although many of us really thought Osama was dead, it is at least encouraging that he was reduced to sending his message via VHS to Al-Jazeera rather than via Boeing 777 to the Sears Tower.

It was pointed out to me by the beautiful chocolate-haired goddess who deigns to share her life with mine (aka, my sainted wife), he could be delaying an attack until Tuesday to disrupt voting in a hotly contested swing state.

My response to her was (even though I couldn't come up with the word precarious at the time) that that is a tremendously precarious plan since he MUST choose a state in which the vote count is close enough that a few (or even many) ruined polling places or destroyed ballots could swing the whole state AND that state MUST have enough Electoral Votes to push one candidate over the magical 270 mark and therefore the ENTIRE election MUST be close enough that one state (AND that state being the one he chose) can make that difference. According to the LGF story highlighted in the below entry, Osama whines in the hidden 12 minutes of his recent Oscar-contender that Bush has drastically damaged his ability to wage large-scale assaults. It sounds like he doesn't have the ability to hit more than one state. If he does try to hit more than one state, it only increases the complexity of the problems, not reduces it. Besides, I think that Osama is (sadly) much smarter than that.

In Spain, Al-Qaida-allied terrorists blew up a train station three days before the election. That gave the media enough time to report the story and speculate on the "root causes" and not enough time for the then-current government to rally support and explain to the electorate why resolve is called for and why succumbing to the terrorists is appeasement and will not work. In the US, we get a VHS. That's it. Thank God. PapaScott, in a fit of Gallows Humor, bemoans the lack of respect Osama shows the American electorate by using the broadcast media to do his dirty work. I agree, but, I'm sure, we're both happy that Osama misunderestimated the American people again.

Please join me on Tuesday in wishing Osama a merry Fuck You on Tuesday. Vote. Vote for Bush. Send these terrorists a message that we will not, can not be intimidated by some asshole with a Camcorder and too much time on his bloodied hands.