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Catastrophic Success

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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Hello Mr. Edwards, is it Whine O;Clock already?

What does it mean when the candidate can't come out and rally the troops on his own and sends his running mate to declare the team's intention to again try to use state courts to hijack an election?

Yahoo! is showing that Bush leads in Ohio by 125,000 votes and gaining as the final precincts come in. That's about 2% of the votes in Ohio, an awfully BIG challenge. I can't imagine that there are that many provisional ballots and I can't see that so many votes could be called into question.

Kerry went out tonight with a whimper, not even making a statement to his faithful waiting in Boston. Frankly, that's pretty shameful.

At the time of writing, Nevada is breaking 50 to 49 for Bush with 65% of the precincts reporting (5 electoral votes), New Mexico is split 52% to 47% in Bush's favor with 98% of precincts reporting (5 e.v.), Iowa has Bush in the lead 50 to 49 percent with 97% preporting (7 e.v.), with 87% reporting, Wisconsin shows Kerry up 50 to 49 (10 e.v.), Michigan has Kerry 51% to 48% (17 e.v.), and Ohio's 20 electoral votes are either given to Bush or up for grabs depending on who you ask. In total, there are 44 or 64 electoral votes in the air with Bush almost certain of victory. Excluding Ohio, Bush has 17 votes leaning toward him and Kerry has 27. I can't see how Ohio can be construed to go for Kerry with a 125,000 vote margin.

I think it is tremendously odd that neither candidate has put in an appearance yet. Perhaps they won't until tomorrow. Still, you expect to see your candidates on election night.

If only I could go to sleep and wake up in the morning and know who my president is going to be, but I can't even go to bed cuz I am updating my electoral map (with crayon) and cleaning up all the food.