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Catastrophic Success

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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

LiveBlogging the SOTU

8:10 strong opening. Start with a list of countries practicing the liberty and freedom you will espouse in the rest of the speech.

8:15 next year's budget will work wonders.

8:16 asbestos claims? Legal reform yes ... but asbestos?

8:17 I don't know if I like this tack when focusing on the health care issue. I wish he'd talk more in terms of the ownership society and tell us what we'd own. HSAs are a part of that. I would have liked to hear him introduce the idea of the Ownership Society and then go into what that looks like (Personal Savings Accounts for SS, HSAs, Tort Reform, etc).

8:19 tepid applause for the Clear Skies Act. People are getting bored George. Pick it up.

8:22 Glad he is reassuring the elderly that their benefits aren't changing. Maybe they'll get the hell out of my way and let me have my Personal Account. I'm also glad that he is using hard facts and numbers, trusting the American People. Booing? "It should not be a small matter to the United States Congress." Well said. There's the applause.

8:30 Now he's speaking directly to the people affected by this. Thanks Dubya. Treat a man like a man and he'll respond. He is now dispelling every myth and misdirection Krugman has been spewing for the last three weeks. "Your money is yours and the government has no right to it." YAY! He also points out the inherent unfairness to minorities in the current Social Security system.

8:31 Here is the Conservative Red Meat. Federal Marriage Amendment. Faith based initiative. Tax reform. Just to let his voters know he hasn't forgotten them.

8:40 first mention of 9/11. Not bad. 30 minutes in. He is now listing the gigantic accomplishments in Iraq and the Middle East. Now he is hitting his stride. He is always at his best when he waxing idealistic. The entire Congress is on its feet now. Wow. I'd say the Democracy Virus is spreading and Bush is the major carrier.

8:42 Closer to a Palestinian State? Apparently Bush doesn't read LGF

8:50 Iranian rebels, "America Stands With You." If the newsies grab this right, we may have a new "Tear Down This Wall."

8:51 On removing Hussein: "We have removed a threat, rather than leave him for our children and grandchildren." Just how long does Bush think Hussein was gonna live?

8:54 Good choice in guest in Safia Taleb Al-Suheil. She is visibly shaking. I know I'd be nervous too. I like her statement "[Hussein] was the real occupation. Thank you."

8:56 His vision of Iraq's gradual takeover of their own responsibilities resonates with my hopes. "We will not set an artificial timetable for leaving Iraq, because that would embolden the terrorists to wait us out." The timeline is goal-based, not date-based.

8:59 Praising the troops sincerely. Is it any wonder the military loves this man? Very emotional moment here looking at Sgt. Norwood's mother. Thank you Sgt. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Norwood. "Mom, you've done your job. Now it's time for me to protect you."

9:02 "The road of Providence is uneven and unpredictable -- yet we know where it leads: It leads to freedom."

53 minutes. 65 applause moments. Walking out of the session, he tells a black Congressman "As you can tell, I was listening in that meeting the other day." Must be referring to the meeting with the Black Caucus the other day.

Uh Oh. Here's the Democratic *gag* Response.

Harry Reid pleads for bi-partisanship. There's that "birth tax" the DUnces were talking about a while back. He also waves the Outsourcing bogeyman. Ah well.. He has a lot of things to say and needs to put out there. Health Care, Education, Prescription Drugs. We need. We need.. We need... No "Here's how"

Really Harry Reid? A "Groundhog Day" movie reference? Really, in 2005? OK, big guy. You go with that one.

Social Security Roulette, "this from a Senator from Las Vegas"?!?! PLEASE STOP TRYING TO BE FUNNY!!!
"You can be sure the Democrats will offer real answers in the months ahead." Why not now Harry Reid? I haven't heard a how yet!

Pelosi's on. God she creeps me out. The Botox is supposed to be administered in small doses, not by the gallon. She's talking about Iraq. She quotes an Intelligence Chief as saying "Iraq has become a magnet for International Terror." Yeah? A bug zapper acts as a magnet for outdoor insects. I think they serve the same purpose.

What the hell is she trying to say? Anti-Americanism is what drives the insurgency and Diplomacy is the only answer? Riiiiight. Root causes and all that rot.

Now she's giving the terrorists all kinds of options and inroads to attack the US. Hey. Nancy. Let's not give the terrorists any ideas huh? Kerry did the same thing. I wonder if they are really trying to encourage the terrorists to use these methods they keep repeating so they can say "Ha! We told you so!"

I agree we must do something about Sudan. Lord know the UN can't or won't.

"Democrats are committed to a strong National Security ..." *cough*bullshit*cough*

She just creeps me out! Bush was nicer to them this year than he was last year when he gave them a little rope-a-dope by releasing key paragraphs out of context to which they responded without knowing how he was going to use those 'grafs.

The Dems tried to be bold by marking the line in the sand regarding personal retirement accounts. This is not going to do well for them.

All in all, President Bush did very well tonight. He set out his arguments and didn't make a whole lot of unrealisitic promises. The Democrats came off weak, whiny and reactionary. Bush is a clear winner tonight.

Tom Delay on FNC "Unfortunately the Democrats have become the party of No. No ideas." hehe.