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Friday, January 21, 2005

Schadenfreude Moment of the Day II

Brian Becker, National Coodinator of ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism), on the stage protesting Bush's Second Inauguration:

"Today is a workday for all of those lucky enough to still have a job after four years of George W. Bush [slight delay] and Wall Street"

[Crowd Cheers]

"How many of you took off [of] work to be here today?"

[Large portion of Crowd cheers]

"How many of you are looking for work?"

[About 3 people half-heartedly cheer]

"Oh, a much smaller group [stammer] Well that's good."

[He then moves on to a chant of "Sexist! Racist! Anti-Gay! Bush and Cheney go away!"]

Via Laura Ingraham this morning about 15 minutes or so into hour 2 today.

Everything in brackets, of course, is my desription of the crowd reaction or of Becker's speaking.

So either, the jobless hippies were not looking for jobs, were being awfully quiet or didn't show up. It could even be, as Laura Ingraham postulates, even the hippies have jobs now. "Now that's what I call a full employment economy!" she said.