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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Schadenfreude Moment of the Night

Moorewatch reports that the Moore story from this morning is apparently too good to be true. According to a note sent to them from the employer of Patrick Burk, the subject of the story:

1. Patrick Burk was once assigned to protect Moore, but was never "his" bodyguard. He was not working for Moore at the time.

2. The gun was legally registered, Burk was just not licensed to carry a gun in New York.

3. The gun was locked, unloaded and in his luggage.

However, as Moorewatch comments, it's still hypocritical of Moore to value his person so much that he would hire a bodyguard, but would yet think it unconscionable that you might so value your life that you would want to carry or own a weapon to protect that life from those who wish to destroy it.

As for the issue that we raised, the hypocrisy of Moore ... [ellipsis in original] in my opinion it still stands. It goes back to the first time we heard that Moore was hiring armed guards. He considers his own safety paramount, and feels that a weapon can protect him, but he doesn’t want the average American to have that same protection. The argument that can be made is “Well you can hire a bodyguard.” No, most of America can’t hire someone to watch over them 24 hours a day. It flies in the face of reason and logic to expect such a thing. We’re each responsible for our own personal safety. Since we cannot afford to hire armed guards...we arm ourselves. That is the very essence of the Second Amendment.

I sit, pajama-clad, corrected.