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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Something is Rotten in the State of France


LGF posted this as one of its "It's hard not to hate the French when..." but I think there is more to it than that.

The article states:
Less than ten days after Hezbollah’s “al-Manar” television station was permitted to broadcast in France, one of its commentators has stirred uproar after he accused Israel of “repeated attempts in the past several years to spread AIDS throughout the Arab world”.

The commentator, who was defined as an expert on the “Zionist entity”, described at length how Israel has been trying to spread dangerous diseases, including AIDS, in the Arab world.

I suspect that this meme is being floated for the benefit of European and Middle East muslims to promote the idea that, of course, AIDS is not a result of poor behavior choices, but rather of a deliberate introduction into the Arab population, leading to a specification of the Palestinian Arabs. The end-state of this is to allow Arafat's nephew to anounce that he died of AIDS and that the Israelis purposely "poisoned" him with HIV so that he would die of AIDS. This way, he will not only be a legendary hero, but also a martyr who was killed by the Zionist Entity. This would, of course, demand more suicide bombers to attack Israelis as retribution. Thus the PA, PLO and Fatah can legitimately drum up international resistance to any Palestinian capitulation in the "peace process" and demand that Israel give up more than they already have as redress for killing their beloved leader.

Give it a month. I will not be surprised.