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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Draft Condi!

Dick Morris, who is actively engaged in thwarting the Clinton Legacy, or rather, the Legacy the Clintons wanted to leave, is calling for a Draft Condi for President movement to halt Hillary in '08 and put the final nail in the wrong-headed "Rethuglicanz R H4terzzz" gibberish the left keep spewing. Hmm... has anyone locked down draftcondi08.com? Nope... get jumping kids. I hate cyber-squatting, but some don't. Go for it.

I love the idea of President Condi. If our first female President is also our first black President, we can get this stupid gender and color barrier idea off the table and a real meritocracy could begin. Besides, I have such an intellectual crush on Condi. She is brilliant, calm, confident and eminently qualified. I can't wait for this race.

Maybe I should start printing Draft Condi Cards and Buttons.