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Saturday, December 18, 2004


I know that after a busy November full of posts, this December has made it appear that I fell off the face of the Earth. That's not true, I was just vacationing there. I took my final week of vacation time from work this past week and I have been tremendously enjoying the ample time I have been able to spend with Missus Bixby (not her real name) and the Bixblets (also not their real name). I don't know if I have mentioned it, but I have two beautiful daughters (aged 3 and 1). I love them both a great deal (as should be expected), but beyond that, I also adore them beyond words. They are the bright spots in my day and are the best cure for a bad day I have ever experienced. Of course, this takes nothing away from my wife. She is the joy that makes all pleasure possible. I don't intend to ramble about my family in such a manner again, but I felt like it today and it explains my absence from the blogosphere for the last week.

My first daughter, Bixblet the Elder, joined me in my shopping excursion on Wednesday to the Mall of Shopping. While most men I know would recoil at the thought of braving a Christmastime Mall with a three-year-old in tow, I am not most men. I actually found it the quickest path to get into the Christmas spirit. The sole purpose of the expedition was to buy gifts for Missus Bixby for both Christmas and her closely pursuing birthday. This spirit of giving permeated our entire experience, as well as the Missus calling is a Daddy/Daughter Date. I was determined not to spoil any of the good vibes we had going so as we trekked from store to store we sang Christmas Carols and watched for Santa and talked about Christmas and family. This is the first Christmas that Bixblet the Elder has really "gotten in to." The Missus and I are trying to share the magic of Christmas with as much as possible, watching Christmas movies, singing songs, counting down to Christmas night and planning what kind of cookies to leave for Santa and how much grass and carrots Rudolph (her favorite reindeer by far) might need.

This kind of led to a brief discussion the Missus and I had about how deceitful one must sometimes be as a parent. I think that will be the topic of the next post, this paragraph is really here to remind me to post more on this. I will, now, however, return to my quickly diminishing vacation and will resume posting on Monday or thereabouts.

A pointless post, perhaps, but it allowed me to wish everyone many happy returns to the holiday season and remember to cherish your family because they are the source of your memories. Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Blessed Ramadan, etc.