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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Avon Walk for Breast Cancer

My wife, the irrepressible Mrs. Bixby (not her real name) is walking the Walk. Please consider donating to her campaign. I haven't begged for money yet, and I probably won't do it again, but she has set herself a high goal and we would love to surpass it.

The format of the walk is unique. It extends over two days and covers up to 39.3 miles. That's a Marathon-and-a-half! On your feet. For TWO DAYS! On Saturday, the walkers can choose to walk 13.1 miles (half-a-marathon) or 26.2 miles (a full marathon) knowing that on Sunday they will again be walking 13.1 miles.

Last year, she walked the entire length, although it took her the entire twelve hours allotted for the 26.2 miles. This year she wants to blow that out of the water and I think she can do it.

It is a cause dear to our hearts as Mrs. Bixby (not her real name)'s family has a long and sad history with cancer, and breast cancer especially. The pageantry surrounding the event is beyond moving and utterly inspiring. There have been few moments in our shared lives when I was more proud of my dearest wife than when she crossed that Finish Line upright and walking tall. My daughters, my mother-in-law and I had a grand time "chasing" her around the City and cheering her (and the thousands of other walkers) on.

OK, I ramble. But Mrs. Bixby (not her real name) wants very much to do this again this year and this blog is a new potential venue for fundraising for this, so I'd love to see both of my regular readers donate and validate the time I spend on this in her eyes. Can you do this for me? If not, can you do this for your mom, sister, aunt, daughter? Can you do this for yourself?

If you can't donate, consider participating in the walk. They are all over the country. If you can't do the Walk, find out when the one in your area is and seek out the route. Find the Cheering Stations and cheer these many women and (few) men on. You will feel better for doing so. Many walkers last year told me that if not for the people they knew would be at the next cheering station, they wouldn't have made it. It's an all around good day.

I will shortly have a post from Mrs. Bixby (not her real name) herself to tell you in her own words why she is doing this.