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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Brief Hiatus

Since it appears that I am on a brief hiatus, I will officially declare that I am on a brief hiatus through the end of February. I need to re-think the direction of this blog. Originally, it was intended as less personal and more political, but with the conclusion of the recent spate of elections, I am a little burned out on politics and need to devise some more regular material - i.e. more Friday Funnies type departments, probably a weekend book review since I read about a book a week, etc.

Unfortunately, I am trying to better apply myself at work, which leaves me less time to blog (whose priorities are in disorder?) and read blogs. I feel I am out of the loop leaving me less to say when I do feel the urge to blog.

Check out Catastrophic Success 2.0 on March 1st. Until then, be well.