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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Intercepted from Central Command

DanglingStars:*ahem* just a reminder that it's almost APRIL..that feb. hiatis sure did last long. :-)
paulisworkin: *snooooore*
DanglingStars: lol
paulisworkin: things have been real hairy around here. My daughter
DanglingStars: well hairy is no fun
paulisworkin: My younger daughter has developed a cyst in the bone of her left upper arm and the diagnosis treatment.
paulisworkin: can't think ... one moment
DanglingStars: aw, I'm so sorry to hear that *hugs*
paulisworkin: Thanks. I was talking to Carrie about something else and couldn't split my concentration enough.
DanglingStars: no problem
paulisworkin: Maddy goes for a biopsy tomorrow. They are pretty sure it is an Anuerysmal Bone Cyst which requires surgical removal. they are doing the biosy to confirm the diagnosis and rule out cancer.
They need to verify the ABC since the only t4eatment for ABC is surgery whereas cancer can be treated in other ways.
DanglingStars: well what type of surgery would she have to havE?
paulisworkin: They would have to cut into the bone, scrape out the cyst, implant some donor material for a bone graft and be re-casted.
DanglingStars: that doesn't sound very fun, would it have the chance of coming back? I'd think though, even with it's frusterations at least it wouldn't be cancer
paulisworkin: The cyst grows out from the inside of the bone where the marrow should be and stretches the outside (the bone matrix) to such a degree that fracture is not only more possible, but almost a certainty. She was given a cast for three weeks in late January and had to go to the hospital for MRI and CT the weekend before last, where they found another fracture. She has had a cast since. It will be removed tomorrow for the biopsy and then a new cast put on until the surgery, after which she'll need another cast. There is about a week to ten-day wait between the biopsy and the results so surgery is delayed at least that far.
DanglingStars: oh man, poor baby
paulisworkin: ABC's are apparently mostly benign (they are technically a form of non-cancerous tumor) in that they do not metastasize (spread to other parts of the body). However, they are aggressive in that once you get them, you are likely to get them again later.
paulisworkin: brb
DanglingStars: k
paulisworkin: this poor kid. She is only 17 and a half months. These things don't usually show up in anyone until they are between 10 and 20, and most of them are between 15 and 20. They also usually show up in the femur (more than 90% of the time) and not in the humerus like she has. Poor Maddy has defied all the odds to have this stupid thing. :-(
paulisworkin: Do you mind if I post this in my blog? I think I just typed an entry or more...
DanglingStars: no problem
DanglingStars: go right ahead
DanglingStars: and, poor little maddy, she'll get through it though, with all the love she has from family and I'm sure anyone who's ever met her :-)
DanglingStars: little one's can be really tough
paulisworkin: you have high speed right?
DanglingStars: yeah
paulisworkin: hang on, I'll send you a pic.
DanglingStars: okie.
DanglingStars wants to directly connect.
DanglingStars is now directly connected.
paulisworkin: Image hosted by Photobucket.com
paulisworkin: Image hosted by Photobucket.com
paulisworkin: Image hosted by Photobucket.com
paulisworkin: Image hosted by Photobucket.com
DanglingStars: awww..she's so adorable
paulisworkin: Image hosted by Photobucket.com
EDITOR'S NOTE: As you can see, the cast has not impaired her rambunctiosness and she is NOT asleep in the last two photos, she just chose that particular moment to close her eyes and look serene. ALL LIES I TELL YOU!!!
DanglingStars: she reminds me of my baby (my niece) Liani
DanglingStars: hopefully if one does come back, it will be a while from now, give her a break
paulisworkin: I hope so too...
DanglingStars: aww.
DanglingStars: i've never seen a baby with a cast like that.
DanglingStars: have you all signed it or drew flowers or anything?
paulisworkin: Its the same kind of fiberglass cast most kids get, this one's just white. Audrey, Maddy and their friend drew pictures on it.
paulisworkin: I've got to go for dinner. We'll talk again later.