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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Another Missive from Mrs. Bixby (Not Her Real Name)

That is what is left until my Avon Walk. The event is in 38 days and I still have to raise $400 to reach my goal of $2000.

Here it is folks.... my call out to all of you! Please help me! There are MANY of you receiving this letter that have not yet made a donation! Come on.... you can do it! If everyone on this list that has not donated simply made a $10 donation, I would reach my goal. Let's get donating!

OK, so here are some incentives to help motivate you to donate:

1. Help saves lives!
2. Just $10 from each of you can help.
3. If your employer makes "Matching gifts", you can DOUBLE your
4. Help local resources get in touch with the people that need it
5. Donate atleast $100 and you get to name a Pink Ribbon that I
will wear during the walk. Afterwards, I will mail you a
picture of me wearing it and the ribbon itself.
6. Don't like to use credit/debit cards online? Just mail me the
check made out to AVON WALK FOR BREAST CANCER.
7. Help save lives!
8. Your donation is tax deductible.
9. It'll make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside!
10. You can make monthly payments.
11. Last, but not least. . . help save lives!

Here is a new one: Hopefully, all of you looked at my updated website and saw the new pictures on there. The first is of closing ceremonies. In this one you can see a giant, pink, inflatible pylon. There are 2 of these and they follow us around all weekend. The walkers/crew members all sign them and they then travel to every Avon Walk event (there are 5 more events after Chicago). They are seen by THOUSANDS of people.
So, I call out to all of you. Anyone making atleast a $250 donation will not only get to name a Pink Ribbon, but the name(s) they chose will get written on one of these pylons. It will be seen by thousands of people across the country. I already have one $250 donor. Can I get another one. . .or two? I don't care if you team up, add on to a prior donation, or use an employer matching gift to reach the $250. You somehow donate that much and you will have the chance to permanently honor someone on an AVON WALK pylon for everyone across the country to see!

I look forawrd to seeing all of your names on my website as a "Donation Superstar"!


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