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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

More from the Front ... or In this episode I Geek Out.

MisterBixby: Whoa....
MisterBixby: Please to be clicking here...
David: omg!
MisterBixby: uh huh
David: i can't believe i just said 'omg'
MisterBixby: Whatev y00 big AOLer y00
David: they should make a series about Kit Fisto
MisterBixby: that sounds dirty.
David: hah
David: this guy
David: there was a clone wars episode about him fighting the separatists on Mon Calamari
David: he was using his lightsaber underwater
MisterBixby: cool... although he looks like the son of the singer from The Fifth Element.
MisterBixby: Did it steam and stuff?
David: and he made this force bubble and knocked out a bunch of enemy submarines with it
David: it bubbled
MisterBixby: Mon Calamari means my squid... what a messed up name for a planet.
David: hah
David: they look like squid
David: Kit Fisto
MisterBixby: It's like calling earth Mon Boeuf... My beef
David: hahah
MisterBixby: hehe ... bubbly light saber...
This is cool too: Beyond Indy, Lucas also answered a question about another popular Lucasfilm character, Willow Ufgood. His response to a fan who asked about the possibilities of Willow II: "I was actually just talking to Warwick Davis backstage, and we were communing on the possibility, wouldn't it be wonderful to someday do a Willow TV series. I can't say that we'll do that, but, [Lucasfilm] is moving into television, and a lot of ideas are popping up." Lucas went on to say later that other projects on the horizon include a feature film about African-American pilots serving in World War II that Lucas will produce.

David: hahahah
David: willow
MisterBixby: Shut up Peck!
MisterBixby: I've gotten SO many hits for that Darth Benedictus-Tater pic....
David: A fan asked the chances of exploring the KOTOR-era Jedi or the origins of the Sith on TV, and Lucas stated that if the television projects are successful, he would examine the possibility of moving elsewhere in the saga.
David: this would be awesome!
David: I was wondering if revenge of the sith would make some kind of subtle reference to Darth Revan or Malak. How great would that be?
David: supposedly palpatine explains the sith a little better, maybe they'll go into the history.
David: he doesn't like you. I don't like you either!
MisterBixby: I don't know. They may not because its a fairly obscure reference.
MisterBixby: If you haven't played the games, you won't have a clue who they are.
MisterBixby: I can't remember the alias that Obi-wan used in the cafe in Episode II... the guy they thought he was. Is that in the Star Wars database you're looking at?
David: i'm getting a lot of referrals from search engine results for Alicia Rickter. What a bunch of pervs!
MisterBixby: who is a Alicia Rickter?
David: some playboy bunny
David: i wrote about her marriage to Mike Piazza somewhere
David: i'm also getting hits from people searching for "colon cleansing"
MisterBixby: riiiight... Now that I'm posting this conversation, watch my alicia Rickter hits go through the roof... Their all gonna be here looking for NAKED ALICIA RICKTER PICS... Is that shameless hit seeking, y'think?
David: yes
David: but it's necessary
MisterBixby: :)
MisterBixby: Of course, now I'll get colon cleansing hits too...
David: alicia rickter and colon cleansing are my two biggies
MisterBixby: I've been getting searches for "Laura Ingraham's Breast Cancer Surgery" because I made a passing comment to Laura Ingraham and Carrie's participating in the Avon walk for breast cancer

I'm such a dork. I don't know why this conversation is interesting to anyone but me and David. Of course, I did want to send the link out.

And to all of you here looking for NAKED ALICIA RICKTER PICS, all I have to say is "SUCKER!!!!" and I would recommend visiting PeoriaPundit and search his archive for anything labelled Eye Candy. That should suit your needs... Perv!