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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Weirdest Referral Log Ever!!!

Over the past two days I have gotten no less than 7 (out of 15) hits coming from Google or Yahoo searches for "Ratzinger" and "Sith." Obviously I'm coming up on that search because I posted about the new Pope and the coolest Star Wars swag one right after the other, but I just don't understand what would cause you to put those two words together in a search bar. Is there an article calling Pope Benedict XVI a Dark Lord of the Sith? Must have missed it.

However, never let it be said that I don't accomodate my readership!!!

Cardinal RatzingerplusDarth Tater


Darth Benedictus

So here comes the important question. What do we call the Evil Holy Spud?
Darth Benedictus?
His Emminence Dark Lord Tater?
Pope Taterus (ne: Cardinal RatSither)?
Holy Father of the Sith?
My punner seems to be on the fritz...

Please leave comments or email me if you have any better ideas. These can't be the best there are!

If I were a religious man, I'd be in some serious trouble. If I were Catholic I would certainly be in front of the Inquisition.

The Cardinal seemed like a good choice to me. I actually don't have any problems with a man of devout faith being the head of a religion that requires devout faith. It only makes sense to me. I don't understand the shock and surprise from those in the godless media. As stated by a Catholic Priest (whose name I can not recall and is not on the website) on Laura Ingraham's show today, "You mean the Pope's a [good] Catholic?!"