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Catastrophic Success

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

pissed off

Sorry folks. I had a big long post planned as a response to ElizabethSheryl's comment to my very popular Pope + Tater Ratzinger Sith post but as I was about to post it at 11:50 last night, it disappeared into the memory hole. I have the first third of it saved and maybe I'll try again later, but meanwhile, I have submitted a support request to blogspot. I discovered I had to log out of blogger in order to use their submission form though. Wouldn't it make sense to also include an email address instead of just relying on a cgi-form to allow your users to report problems? Apparently not. At any rate, I hope they can recover it because I liked it a lot. I'm sure they will do the best they can to help too, and bless them for helping.

On top of that, my dear younger daughter (the one who recently had surgery) has an ear infection and kept the lovely and talented (and amazingly calm in the middle of the night) Mrs. Bixby (Not Her Real Name) and me up all night. I'm very tired and crabby and bitchy so I'll cut off here to refrain from saying some unpleasant things about my poor darling daughters' sleeping habits (one or both of them conspire to wake up just as I go to bed late EVERY NIGHT, but I digress).